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Movie (General):
Internet Movie Database
Has a ton of information about all 8 Shadow movies, including cast, crew, filming locations, and other tidbits.
Has some info about The Shadow, including movie analysis, reviews, and even the trailer. You can buy the video or DVD.

E! Online
Has a bit of information about The Shadow, information on cast and crew.

Movies Unlimited
Has movies on VHS and DVD, soundtracks, and posters for sale.


Images: A Journal of Film and Popular Culture-Cliffhangers
Read Grant Tracey's article analyzing the 1940s serial The Shadow.


Movies to Watch:
(Note: All movies are copyrighted by the respective studios that have released them)

The Shadow (1994) on YouTube:
Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5 | Part 6 | Part 7 | Part 8 | Part 9 | Part 10
Can't locate the DVD? Tired of watching it on TV with all the annoying commericals? View it here.

The Shadow Strikes on
Please note that you'll need to register on this site to view the entire movie.

International Crime on
Please note that you'll need to register on this site to view the entire movie.

International Crime on
Haven't gotten the DVD yet? You can watch the full version of "International Crime" here.

The Case of the Cotton Kimona on YouTube: Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3
Curious about what the 1950s TV pilot for The Shadow would look like? View it here.


Movies, Movie Memorabilia and Replicas:
Nuno Miranda's Original Film Props Collection: The Shadow
View this collector's 1994 Shadow movie props collection, including the costume, ring, Phurba, Cobalt Club matchbox, and more.

The Shadow Movie Soundtrack
The expanded 2-CD limited edition of the 1994 movie soundtrack is now available to order at:
Intrada Records

1994 Movie Soundtrack on YouTube
Includes all tracks from the Original Soundtrack CD, plus bonus tracks from the movie and the trailer.

The Shadow Movie Props
Search for Shadow items at these online prop stores:
The Prop Store
Your Props
Screen Used

Script City
A quick search may yield a script for the 1994 Shaow moviem (or perhaps from one of the older movies), or the 2-volume set of the storyboards

Movie Goods
Purchase movie memorabilia, including posters, press kits, etc.
Purchase old Shadow movies, such as "The Shadow Strikes", "International Crime", and "Invisible Avenger" on DVD.

Nostalgia Merchant
Purchase the classic 6-movie Shadow collection on DVD.
Purchase rare Shadow-narrated movies, such as "House of Mystery" on DVD.

Battle Orders Ltd. - Movie Weapons, Arms, Armour and Replicas
Looking for replica swords from The Lord of the Rings or 300, or replica guns from James Bond and Tomb Raider? Check out this site from the UK. Unfortunately, The Shadow isn't featured, but they are more than happy to consider suggestions.

For over a decade, this Canadian company has created not only movie replicas, but original costumes and props. Check back for updates on their latest creations. Like Battleorders above, The Shadow isn't featured, but they are more than happy to consider suggestions.

Baron Boutique - The Shadow's Coat and Cape Replica
For costume buffs, this suit company recreates and sells the trench coat and cape from the 1994 movie. Click on "Coat Pictures" to see more details. Definitely worth a look.

Shreevy's Cab
Remember the cab from the 1994 movie? It's a Cord made by the Auburn Automobile Company. For those of you who are interested in this make of car, check out Cord Haven and Auburn Cord Duesenberg Club.


Stars of The Shadow
Alec Baldwin
This is Mr. Baldwin's official site, complete with his biography, recent projects, events, calendar, guestbook, and more. Shadow fans take note that while there is one picture from that movie on this site, there is no mention of it whatsoever. Still, it's worth a look.

John Lone Internet Fan Club

Not the official site. It has information on this talented actor, director, and choreographer, including biography, news, pictures, forum, downloads, guestbook, and links. For Shadow fans, there's a brief synopsis of the movie.

Sir Ian Mckellen
This is Mr. Mckellen's official site. Browse through his biography, movies, stage work, activism, writings and more. For Shadow fans, you can view his notes on the making of The Shadow.

The Complete Tim Curry
Yes, this is exactly what this fan site is all about. There's information about Mr. Curry and just about every role he's ever played. Has links to other sites as well. For Shadow fans, there's a brief review of the movie that you can view (at your own risk if you loved this movie, because it's not very flattering).

Tim Curry Mailing List
You can view Mr. Curry's notes on the making of The Shadow.

Christine McIntyre
In case you were wondering, this actress appeared in Behind the Mask (1946) as a party guest. This is a cool site done by Ms McIntyre's biographer. It includes photos, links, and her biography.


Behind the Scenes:
Matte World Digital
A behind-the-scenes look at the movie magic behind Lamont Cranston's visit to the Temple of the Cobras and the poppy fields at the beginning of the movie. While you're there, check out the other movies they've worked on, including The Green Mile and X-Men.

Jerry Goldsmith (The Shadow Soundtrack)
A review of the 1994 movie soundtrack at

Interview with David Koepp (screenwriter)
Thoughts on the making of The Shadow and more, from the screenwriter of Jurassic Park and Spider-Man.


Movie Stuff:
Chocalho da Morte - The Shadow
Disappointed with the way the 1994 movie was done, this Shadow fan decided to rework and redit it into the movie that should have been. Check out his blog on the progress of his work. Note: this page lists all the blog entries on The Shadow chronologically with the most recent entry at the top.

The Shadow Movie Petition
Would you like to see another Shadow movie? You've seen and/or responded to the polls, now let your voice be heard!

Siskel and Ebert review The Shadow
Want to know what these famous movie critics think about the 1994 movie? Check it out

JoBlo reviews The Shadow (1994)
In the regular feature, "The Unpopular Opinion", JoBlo takes another look at the 1994 movie, and...likes it! (Note: If this web page keeps popping up whenever you try to close it, clear the cache on your web browser, then close the webpage again.)

The Shadow on BoxOffice Mojo
The financials about how well the 1994 movie did in North America and overseas.

The Shadow 1994 Poster
You can download the movie poster from

The Shadow 1994 Trailer
From the site. You can view this streaming media trailer which follows Cranston's path from Ying Ko to The Shadow.

The Shadow 1994 Video Trailer
From The Internet Movie Database. Has some really good shots of The Shadow at the Monolith Hotel.

Steve's Movie Midis
This is pretty neat: Steve has recreated The Shadow theme in midi. Give it a listen!

Movie Quotes from Various Shadow movies
Some famous lines from the 1938 1954, and 1994 movies.

Movie Quotes
Some famous lines from the 1994 movie from

Movie Quote Quiz
Hear The Shadow recite "The sun is shining, but the ice is slippery" .

The Sound Library
Scroll down to the bottom of the page to hear The Shadow's laugh, the agent's code (i.e. "the sun is shining..."), and a gangster yelling "Who said that?" (near the begining of the movie).

Internet Pinball Database: The Shadow
Lots of information, specs and pictures of the pinball machine based on the 1994 movie.

The Shadow Pinball Machine
A new and growing fan site featuring close-up pictures of the 1994 movie-based pinball machine.


Shadow Related Movie Clubs at
The Shadow Movie


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