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The Shadow Movie Memorabilia (1994)

Note: here's how much I know so far, based on research done at ebay and contributions from Shadow fans.
If you have any additional information, please contact me.

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Media, Posters, and Soundtrack
  • Media
    • VHS Front | Back
      (Thanks to William Hunt for the front cover!)
    • VHS Special Academy Letterbox Version
    • VHS Screener
      (Thanks to Pete Galati for the picture!)
      • Supposedly released in 1995
      • Includes production trailer, and Taylor Dane music video
      • Noted on the cover: "This does not represent final videosleeve artwork"
      • This version was not meant for rental or sale, and it is noted on the cover (in fine print) that it should be returned after viewing. Screeners were mainly for video distributors and retailers to "screen" the film before it is released and to learn the retail options available to them.
        More about Screeners
        (Thanks to Kelcey for the additional info!)
    • LaserDisc Front | Back | Chapter Detail
      (Thanks to Chris Dunham for the pictures!)
    • DVD
      • Digital Surround Sound (DTS)
      • non DTS
      • Special version with trailers, cast bios and more
    • Blu-Ray - Front (German)
      • North American release date: June 4, 2013 | Germany release date: May 6, 2011
      • 16:9 Wide-screen(1.85:1)
      • Booklet, Trailer, Making of.., Music-video Image Gallery, Rare Advertising Material, and more (Note: this is from the German Release info. No special features or bonuses in the North American version)
      (Thanks to Clinton Moloney for the information and picture for the German release, and to David Malin and Karla Gerling for the information for the North American release!)
    • Blu-Ray - Collector's Edition
      • Released by Shout Factory - February 25, 2014
        (Thanks to Alex Razos for the heads-up, and Kelcey for the additional information!)
      • Includes a 23 min featurette "Looking Back At The Shadow", a behind-the-scenes look with interviews from the cast, how the movie was made, and Jerry Goldsmith's soundtrack. Also includes the Theatrical trailer, and Still Gallery
      • Review and Blu-Ray details at
    • 35mm Trailer
  • Posters
    • Coming Soon Poster
      (Thank you to Michael M. for the picture!)
    • Movie Poster (Thank you to K Pearson for the picture!)
    • Video Poster
    • Mini Poster
    • UK Version Poster
    • UK Version Movie Handbill
    • Autographed poster at the premier of the movie by the cast
  • Movie Soundtrack (Composed by Jerry Goldsmith, released by Arista Records)
    • Cassette Front | Inside
    • CD
    • Original Sin (Theme from The Shadow) CD Single
      (Thank you to Deus Diabolus for the link!)
      • Featuring Taylor Dane on the cover (probably a scene from the music video?)
      • Blue-coloured CD with three tracks:
        1.) Original Sin Radio Edit (5 min 15 sec)
        2.) Original Sin Radio Mix (5 min 46 sec)
        3.) Say a Prayer (5 min 10 sec) — Note: this is a bonus track. It is not from the movie, so it's probably from one of her albums.
    • Extended Movie Soundtrack (Thank you to Corey Christopher for the scans and information!)
      • CD Front | Back
      • 31 tracks in total. Does not include the songs (Original Sin and Some Kind of Mystery) and the "Who knows what evil" speech done by Alec Baldwin and Orson Welles.
    • Complete Original Motion Picture Soundtrack (Thank you to Michael M for the scans and information!)
      • CD Front | Back
      • 40 tracks in total from the original recording session. Also features portions of music not used in the final cut of the movie.
      • Does not include the following tracks:
        • The scene in the Temple of the Cobras - From the pounding drums as Lamont is brought into the throne room up to the Tulku's "Not yet."
        • The scene from the "New York City" title card to The Shadow's first laugh heard during on bridge.
        • The continuation of the bridge scene where The Shadow is laughing and his "Weed of Crime" speech up to Duke opening firing with the tommy gun.
        • The conlusion of the bridge scene where The Shadow beats up Duke, then walks over to Tam to shoot up the concrete blocks before the taxi arrives.
        • The scene in Shrevvy's taxi where The Shadow laughs, ending with Dr. Tam standing on the sidewalk as the taxi drives away.
        • The scene in the museum with Khan's coffin making sounds, ending with the curator turning to look at the mannequins.
        • The scene outside the Cobalt Club when Lamont tries to make Margo forget about him and she asks if he's drunk.
        • The scene in Shrevvy's cab immediately after, as Lamont transforms into The Shadow in the back seat.
        • The scene where Margo looks into Lamont's eyes and sees the memories of his past.
        • The final battle scene from Lamont racing through the curtain after Khan and following him to the basement, Margo and her dad dealing with the bomb, and up to the beginning of the hall of mirrors sequence.
        • Original Sin
        • Some Kind of Mystery
        • "Who knows what evil" speech done by Alec Baldwin and Orson Welles.
    • Intrada Records Limited Edition 1994 movie soundtrack
      • 42 tracks, 2-CD set released by Intrada records under their Intrada Special Collection label in 2012
      • This includes tracks from the film that did not make it onto the original soundtrack and an alternate version of the score composed for the mirror scene at the climax of the movie.
      • CD Cover: Front | Back
      • Booklet details: Cover | Pg 2-3 | Pg 4-5 | Pg 6-7 | Pg 8-9 | Pg 10 -11 | Pg 12-13 | Pg 14-15 | Pg 16-17 (Thank you to OthymianO, Michael M., and Alex Razos for the information, and Ashley for the pictures!)
  • Novels
    • Movie adaption by James Luceno Front | Back
      Published by Ivy Books
    • Movie adaption by Les Martin (Children's version) Front | Back
      Published by Random House

Promotional Items and Appearances
  • Movie Press Kit
  • Electronic Movie Press Kit
    • Includes behind-the-scenes segments, interviews, features, music video, and trailers. (Thanks to Bobby T. for the information!)
  • Press Kit for Video
    • Put out by MCA video when the film was released on video
    • Includes press release, 9 color slides, and 5 black and white 8x10 photos
  • Advertisement for Video
    • Full page ad in the January 1995 Blockbuster Video newsletter.
    • The captions read:
      Alec Baldwin brings the legendary crime-fighting superhero vividly to life in this lavish action-adventure that boasts mind-boggling special effects. Co-starring John Lone and Penelope Ann Miller.

      "The wittiest action-adventure since 'Indiana Jones'! 'The Shadow' is a spellbinding, runaway entertainment ride." — NBC NEWS
  • Lobby Cards (Set of 4)
    • Margo in sitting in the Cobalt Club with a cigarette in hand
    • Lamont in the Sanctum talking to Burbank
    • Shiwan Khan on his throne
    • Dr. Lane in his lab working on his invention
  • UK Promotional
    (Thanks to Raj Kapila for the information!)
    • U.K Press Kit
      • Colour Wallet (A4 Size / 8 1/4" x 11 3/4")- to contain the below items
      • Five 10" x 8" black and white promotional photographs from the movie: Lamont with his girasol ring, Lamont and Margo, Margo and Dr. Lane, Shiwan Khan with Phurba, and Farley Claymore
      • Production Notes/Synopsis (A4 Size / 8 1/4" x 11 3/4")
    • Hanging Mobile Display
      • Consists of 4 double-sided (7.9" / 20 cm) trapezoidal pictures of The Shadow from the movie poster, and 2 double-sided (11.8" / 30 cm) emblems featuring four movie characters (Lamont, Margo, The Tulku, and Farley)
      • To be strung up as bunting (string also included with display)
    • Mini Teaser Poster (44 cm x 29 cm / 17.3" x 11.4") featuring The Shadow. Tag lines: Who knows what evil lurks in the hearts of men / Coming Soon
    • Mini Poster (40 cm x 30 cm / 15.7" x 11.8") featuring the main characters. Tag lines: The Glamour / The Mystery / The Danger
  • Magazine Appearances
    • American Cinematographer Vol. 75, #7, July 1994 (Thank you to Michael M. for the information!)
      • "Shedding Light on The Shadow" by David Heuring — Cinematographer Stephen Burum, ASC, discusses the logistical, administrative and organized requirements of a big-budget production.
      • "Burum's Visual Approach" by David Heuring
    • Blade (Dec 1994) (Thank you to Kelcey and Clinton Moloney for the information!)
      • Features an article about the Phurba from the movie
    • Cinefantastique Vol. 25 #4, Aug 1994 (Thank you to William Hunt for the picture and information!)
      • "The Shadow" by Mark A. Altman
      • "Russell Mulcahy, Genre Stylist" by Mark A. Altman
      • "Radio and Pulp Origins" by George Zebrowski
      • "Screenwriter David Koepp" by Mark A. Altman
      • "Making Mr. Shadow" by Tim Prokop
      • "Movie and Serial Adventures" by Dan Scapperotti
      • "Production Design by Joe Nemec III" by Mark A. Altman
      • "Special Effects Computer Graphics" by Tim Prokop
      • "The Art of Makeup" by Tim Prokop
      • "Superhero Merchandising" by Tim Prokop
      • "Matte Painting: Beyond the Back Lot" by Tim Prokop
      • "Miniaturizing New York" by Tim Prokop
    • Comic Scene #44, Jul 1994 (Thank you to William Hunt for the picture and information!)
      • "Conversations in Shadow," by Will Murray — Interview with screenwriter David Koepp
    • Comic Scene #45, Aug 1994 (Thanks to William Hunt for the picture and information!)
      • "The Shadow Laughs" by Dan Scapperotti — About The Shadow on radio
      • "The Shadow Unmasks" by Will Murray — An overview on The Shadow in the pulps
      • "The Shadow Returns" by Will Murray — About the filming of the 1994 movie
    • Comic Scene #46, Sep 1994 (Thanks to William Hunt for the picture and information!)
      • "The Shadow" by Will Murray — Interview with Alec Baldwin
    • Sci-Fi Entertainment Vol. 1 #2, Aug 1994 (Thanks to William Hunt for the information!)
    • Starburst #195, Nov 1994
    • Starlog, July (?) 1994 (Note: special issue dedicated to the movie itself) (Thanks to William Hunt for the picture!)
    • Starlog #205, Aug 1994 (Thanks to William Hunt for the picture and information!)
  • Promotional Movie Booklet
    Cover | Detail | Detail 2 | Envelope | Agent Card Front and Back | Autograph
    (Thanks to Lirael for the first two pictures and John Helvin for the additional pictures and information!)
    • Released to promote the release date of the film
    • Sent out in a beige envelope with a string seal on the back and "Confidential, your eyes only" printed in red on the front
    • Includes a Shadow Special Agent ID Card.
    • Some covers are autographed by Alec Baldwin and include a certificate of authenticity
    • Chapters include "My World", "My Sanctum", etc.
  • Promotional Bumper Sticker
    • Has movie logo, tagline, title, and date ("July 1")
  • Promotional Pin
    • Distributed before movie's release
    • Grey background with the caption "The Shadow Knows" in white, and a headshot of The Shadow in black and white
  • Promotional Lapel Pin
    • Given by Universal Pictures to members of the press during the movie's promotion
    • Grey metallic finish with the upper part of The Shadow's face and the name below; The Shadow's eyes are painted green. Essentially a depiction of the movie poster.
      (Thanks to Burt Barnard for the information and Mark Thomas for the picture!)
  • Keebler Promotional Coupon for an Interactive Phone Game (1994)
    • Sponsored by Keebler. It's a 3" by 5" tear-away coupon with instructions and contest details. Usually found in grocery stores near Keebler products. All you had to do was phone 1-800-SHADOW-1 and play the game. The prizes are as follows:
      • 6 Grand Prizes: Pinball Machine
      • 300 First Prizes: Video Game by Ocean
      • 1000 Second Prizes: Shadow Watch (See Miscellaneous Items below)
      • 2000 Third Prizes: Shadow Soundtrack
      • 3000 Fouth Prizes: T-Shirt
      • 4000 Fifth Prizes: Movie Adaptation Novel (Adult and Kid versions)
  • Keebler Cookies Display Stand featuring The Shadow
    • Used by supermarkets to sell Keebler products. Keebler was sponsoring the movie
    • Features The Shadow's face in black and white and the movie title in green
  • Burger King Shadow Watch
    • Distributed in conjunction with the 1994 movie
    • Black strap watch featuring The Shadow's face on a green backgroud with wording around the edge.
      (Thank you to Pete Galati for the picture and info!)
  • Promotional Radio
    • Front | Back | Dial Detail | Cassette Deck | Manual | Box
    • "Cathedral" style radio from MCA Universal Studios
    • Under the center dial, there's a brass plaque that reads: Classic Collector's Edition
    • Comes with a cassette tape of two radio shows: "Circle of Death" and "The Death Triangle"
    • Given away as a promotion item to select dealers
      (Thanks to Kenneth Ondracek for the front, back and cassette pictures and information! Thanks to Flo-Maria for the box, manual, and close-up details!)

Toys, Games, and Cards

Clothing, Rings, and Other Wearable Items
  • Crew T-Shirt
    • Black in colour with the Shadow logo on it.
  • Crew ID Tag
    • Worn by crew members on the set of "The Shadow" (1994)
  • T-Shirt and baseball cap
    • sponsored by Keebler Cookies
      Caps - Front View | Caps - Side View
      (Thank you to Kenneth Ondracek for pictures!)
    • Black in color with a headshot of The Shadow and green lettering
    • Caption: "Keebler brings you The Shadow"
  • Cinemark Theatres T-Shirt
    • Black in colour with Shadow logo and tagline
      (Thank you to Burt Barnard for the information!)
  • Rings
    • Replica of the girasol ring in the movie
      Top | Side 1 | Side 2 | Certificate | Box | Advertisement
      (Thank you to Chris Dunham for the ring, box, and certificate pictures, and Michael M. for the ad!)
    • Premium "Diamond" Ring
      Silver edition (Thank you to Pete Galati for the picture!)
      Close-up | Certificate of Authenticity (Thank you to Flo-Maria for the pictures!)
      • Sponsored by Dark Horse
      • Produced by Great American Ring Club, Inc. for Diamond Comic Distributors, Inc.
      • Has Shadow logo. Eyes appear and disappear when you tilt the ring slightly
      • Limited edition: 1750 silver, 25 in 14K gold inset with a diamond
    • Semi-holographic mail-away ring
      (Thank you to Jeff Farnham for picutres and Don for the information!)
      Top | Side 1 | Side 2
      • Gray plastic with a holographic Shadow logo
    • Promotional Rings (11 different designs)
      Entire Set | Close-up Design 1 | Close-up Design 2 (Thank you to Pete Galati for the pictures!)
    • Store Display for Promotional Rings: Holds 24 Rings
      (Thank you to Doug Rice for the picture!)
    • The Shadow Limited Edition Bust Ring
      Top | Side 1 | Side 2 | Certificate | Box | Box Insert Front | Box Insert Back (Thank you to Chris Dunham for the pictures!)
      • Designed by Randy Bowen
      • Sterling silver
      • Released in 1994
  • Halloween Costume

Miscellaneous Items
  • Everyday Items
    • Backpack
    • Lunch Box
      • Made by the Aladdin company. Comes in red (or other colours?) with movie artwork on the front
        (Thank you to Don for the additional information and Mark Thomas for the pictures!)
    • Thermos
    • Stationary Set: pencil case, ruler, eraser
    • Small bag
      • Made by the Aladdin company. This nylon bag comes in black with red handles and trim with movie artwork on the front. (Possibly a lunch bag?)
        (Thank you to Mark Thomas for the picture!)
    • Wrist Watch
      (Thank you to Kenneth Ondracek for the pictures!)
      • Green watch face with Shadow showing his ring and "The Shadow Knows" encircling the picture. Comes in a case
      • White watch face with standing Shadow wrapped in his cloak. This was one of the prizes in an interactive phone-in contest sponsored by Keebler. (See Promotional Items section above).
  • 1995 Calendar - Features scenes from the movie
    (Thank you to Burt Barnard for the information!)
  • 60 film clips from movie
  • Collectable 35mm Film Cell Plaque
    • Tiny movie poster and a strip of film from the movie encased in plastic. Comes with a stand
  • Framed 35mm Film Cell featuring Alec Baldwin
    • A framed, autographed picture of Alec Baldwin as Lamont Cranston paired with a 35mm film strip from the movie (Thank you to Kevin for the information!)
  • Phurba Knife
    Calm Side | Angry Side | Side View | Detail of Base
    (Thank you to Michael M. for the pictures!)


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